SOLO Hairspray Technique: Beach Tutorial

June 09, 2015

Colors Used:

Cast Away
White Party
Pink Lemonade
Social Butterfly
Light My Fire

Tools Used:

White Nail Polish
Container with Water


1 Mix Cast Away and White Party to create a paler blue.

2 Mix Dandelion and White Party to create a paler yellow sand color.

3 Sponge on blue to top two thirds of nail.

4 Sponge on yellow to bottom third of nail.

5 Cure for 60 seconds.

6 Repeat the sponging until you have the desired depth. I do it three times as they are super thin layers.

7 Cure for 60 seconds.

8 Get your bowl of water and drop in two drops of white polish and let them spread.

9 With your hairspray, spray directly onto the polish from about 20cm in height.

10 When it's spread out to how you want, dip nail into water and hold it at an angle.

11 Don't take out the nail until you've cleaned up the excess polish with an orange wood stick.

12 Repeat the polish step to give extra wave-like effects to the nail.

13 Let the polish completely dry.

14 With Pink Lemonade and a toothpick, draw a starfish.

15 With Social Butterfly and a toothpick draw second starfish.

16 Cure for 60 seconds.

17 Add Light My Fire accents to the starfish using a toothpick or dotting tool.

18 Cure for 60 seconds.

19 Go on looking fabulous!

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